Impact Scholarship 2024

The Hamrin Foundation announces a scholarship for students who have made good
utilization and impact within their master thesis work.

The purpose of the Hamrin Foundation is to support scientific, technical, and societal research. The Hamrin Foundation supports research that makes a notable and distinct contribution to popular education in the surrounding society or increased knowledge and competence in the private or public sector. Students who receive funding from Hamrin Foundation must have a plan for how the research will benefit potential recipients.

Apply for the Impact Scholarship 2024 here

  • Aim

    Researchers with The Hamrin Foundation support will actively work for increased collaboration with business/society. This helps us to develop one of many milestones in creating a liaison between the three actors, i.e., academia, private and public sector. The Hamrin Foundation has observed that project managers sometimes have a burning commitment and want to invest more time and resources than what is available from their employer, i.e., invest their own time and resources. Sweden has, for example, in OECD reports, been criticized for not taking sufficient care of its innovations, and The Hamrin Foundation, therefore, sees a point in pushing and stimulating driven individuals with a commitment to impact.

  • Program Design

    Masters or bachelor students with thesis work that is of interest to academia, private sector, public sector, and society can apply for The Hamrin Foundation’s impact award/scholarship.
    In 2024, we will focus on two areas:

    1. Challenges to the public discourse – Is public discourse being constrained?
    An open debate and acceptance of different views is key to democracy but over the last years, a cancel culture has emerged in which people or subjects that are not considered “politically correct” are met with intolerance. A symptom is the so-called cancel culture, in which someone is thrust out of social or professional circles – whether it be online, on social media, in traditional media, or in person – because of inconvenient views.

    2. What role can art and technology play in solving societal issues?
    Throughout history, art and technology have responded to social unrest and inequality. Additionally, it can serve as a catalyst for hard conversations about various societal challenges. It is an effective tool for addressing social issues as well as focusing the community on these issues. The importance of an interdisciplinary approach cannot be overstated.
    We welcome applications from students in the social sciences, humanities, fine art, and STEM fields. The submission can be in the form of a written thesis or an artistic work.

    The application must include a description that defines the type of research/impact that has been carried out. Approved applications receive a personal scholarship (which is intended to be tax-free) of SEK 50,000. A maximum of two scholarships will be awarded. In its assessment, The Hamrin Foundation will strive for an even distribution between our focus areas.

    The announcement takes place annually, with an opening in April and a closing in September. To be the subject of assessment, the thesis must have been presented to the public with an approved result no later than September.

  • Assesment criteria

    Applications will be assessed by an external expert group. The assessment group’s task is to rank submitted entries within each fellowship category and provide proposals for up to three prizes within each category. The Hamrin Foundation’s board then decides which grants are to be awarded a scholarship.

    The following criteria will be considered in the selection:

    1. Height of innovation in the effort for potential impact
    2. How well the application corresponds with the call text
    3. The degree of collaboration with business (industry/company/public sector) and society
    4. Overall assessment of the project and other relevant facts presented in the application.

    The award ceremony takes place annually in April through a formal ceremony during which the scholarship recipients are given the opportunity to give a popular science lecture. The ceremony is arranged by the Hamrin Foundation.

  • Instructions

    The application must be sent to The Hamrin Foundation no later than September 30. Anyone can nominate a degree project. Submitted grants must consist of the degree project in question and the selected scholarship category. The entire application is sent electronically via the foundation’s application portal, The application must consist of:

    • Description impact effort and its effect/result
    • a written motivation of a maximum of 500 words that clarifies why the nominated author/author group, supervisor, or facilitator should receive the scholarship.

    Note that the Foundation applies the principle of openness. Therefore, avoid sending material that is currently not allowed to be made public, e.g., could prevent any patenting.


“The Hamrin Foundation provides a staircase to knowledge, for novel thinkers to climb

We believe that courage, creativity, and vision are keys to meaningful impact

Our passion is to create a joyful and exciting bridge between academia, society and industry”